6 Points to consider before select wordpress theme

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Are you planning to change WordPress theme to design you blog for fresh look? If your existed theme is facing compatibility issues, or are you feeling not comfort with the existed WordPress theme does not five quality support, this is the good idea to change theme. Before switch theme, you have to consider few points before select WordPress theme. 

Today, I will discuss the basic points to consider for the best WordPress Theme Selection, which is fit for your blog.

Points to consider Best WordPress theme Selection for your Blog

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management Systems); therefore, it has formed a large community around this platform. This community is offering solutions to certain issues with WordPress, and thus, by using plugins, you can add more functionality to your WordPress site.

WordPres is the open source software, regularly updated content management system. By using this content management system, you can create a new website from scratch is one of the more essential must have task for every small business owner. 

If you are planning to start ecommerce website, you have to select WordPress theme which is responsive and compatible with WooCommerce. Basically the WordPress platform helps you to build brand, grows faster and protect your online experiences. Most of the required WordPress themes and plugin are free and ready to use for this WordPress platform.

Everytime Changing WordPress themes is not good practice. If you face any browser compatibility issues, you have to contact official WordPress theme developers for better solutions.

There is also a range of topics in various online marketplaces. Due to the variety of issues that there may be difficult to decide what topic is better for your website. With so many options, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. However, you can determine the quality of a WordPress theme more accurately if you pay attention to details.

Blogging is the only way to share information online. After creating a blog, we need to install plugins and themes. Here the major game begins with the appearance of the blog. Here WordPress theme selection is very important to share the information with the correct people. If you choose a non-attractive theme, your effort is useless.

Here I mentioned a few points you should consider when choosing the best WordPress theme selection. Check the WordPress Themes Portfolio in the theme developer’s site after checking the given points.

Most of the times, free WordPress themes kills user experiences in small business blogs.

Points to consider before WordPress theme Selection

Here are the few points to consider before changing WordPress themes. Of course, it is a delicate process. If your blog is new, the WordPress customization is simple. But for already traffic generated blogs, needs more concentration and some additional skills. If you are using free WordPress themes, their support is very low. So consider these points before changing WordPress themes.

Basic points to select wordpress theme

1. Price


At present, there are so many issues with free WordPress themes. And fortunately, they are not involved improperly coded or do not have a good design. If you take your time, you can find great free themes for WordPress.

For premium quality themes, you have to spend few dollars to get better coding standards in the themes with premium quality support to resolve theme compatibility issues within short time by the WordPress theme developers.

However, certain disadvantages, including the fact, such as be unsupported or updated. Therefore, you recommend choosing a premium WordPress theme if you choose the theme for your new business or online portfolio.

The prices are range from $9 to $69.

You may find both premium themes and free themes that have an excellent design; however, issues of payment offer certain advantages that a free issue usually does not offer:

  • Continuous updates: WordPress is a popular platform that is updated at least twice a year. Developers pay issues are secured to keep the theme updated to run the latest version of WordPress.
  • Extensive documentation: The WordPress themes payment includes an extensive and detailed PDF that explains how to use each feature that has the subject. Many developers offer even video demonstrations.
  • Support: The level of support offered depends heavily on the author but usually tend to offer a degree of support during limited hours. Some even charge an extra amount to offer support 24 hours and even on weekends. Be sure to check these features.
  • Without attribution links: Many free themes contain a link that leads to page developers. However, in the areas of payment is usually ignore this feature. In this way, you can strengthen your brand more.

Of course, choosing a free theme depends a lot on your budget, and you can indeed find free quality issues if you put your mind. So if your budget is tight something you can always opt for a free topic. Choose Premium themes for better and fast results. I recommend the GeneratePress WordPress theme strongly.

2. Speed

speed - 6 Points to Select Best WordPress theme for your Blog

Fast page loading is the major ranking factor in search engines. So consider fast loading, mobile friendly, and very good coding standards premium quality WordPress themes to make your site load jetspeed. 

Check if your favourite theme passed mobile friendly test or not before you select.

The page loading time of a page is an essential factor to consider because, as we know, users do not like to wait and probably bounce rate increases and have a direct effect on the conversion rate. You want your website to be light enough to load quickly on computers and phones.

Most premium WordPress themes come with many customization options, shortcodes, slider options, and pre-installed plugins. At first glance, it looks like a great deal because it usually offers sliders or plugins without the package to buy more expensive. However, if the site has many installed plugins and animations, these features directly affect the page’s response time. So make sure you choose light topics.

But a theme can not only present problems when it has many more speeds and when it has not been properly coded plugins. It is not a common problem in online marketplaces where you can verify the credibility of every author who offers his songs. Also, you verify whether the subject offer updates for each new version of WordPress that comes out. This way, you can also avoid speed issues.

3. User experience 

user experience - 6 Points to Select Best WordPress theme for your Blog

By choosing a subject, you should also consider the purpose of your website and choose a topic that shows the best way the benefits of your product or service.
This value is usually relative because what is good can vary from place to place. However, the authors are usually placed in the online market, so that type of site is a more proper WordPress theme.

WordPress theme developers will test browser compatibility issues and coding standards for better user experience before they release premium themes.

Schema markup is another important consideration while select WordPress theme to make your users navigation easy. If the theme does not support the schema markup and breadcrumbs, your site bounce rate will change drastically along with user experience and search engine rankings.

Make sure that your WordPress theme is translation ready and supports multilingual wordpress plugins. Read the information related to the issue is important, but more importantly, check out the live demo, click on the sections and see if the navigation is easy and if all elements respond as they should. If the demo is well designed and easy to understand navigation and start using the theme, then you’re on the right track.

4. Adaptive design

The WordPress themes should have adaptive design

The perfect theme should be mobile friendly to capture the mobile users attention. Today, many more people connect to the Internet through their mobile devices. From few years, more than 60% of the traffic generated from mobile devices. So you have to adopt your themes responsive design. 

 Simply Responsive design is very important to fit your website based on the user’s device. You can check those responsive designs on their official sites to check their theme compatibility for better user experience.

You have to offer a choice to these people and make sure you select a topic of adaptive design. Thus the loss of traffic will not be a problem for you.

This need is easy to fulfil, and most developers understand the importance of themes that have acquired the mobile devices and thus make their issues given to these users.

So it’s probably a good topic WordPress is adaptive design. Just be sure to try the adaptive design work properly.

5. Level of customization

level of customization

Many items offer customization options knowing that your issue will be purchased by many people who want their website to look different and have different preferences for colours, typography, and even layout.

In addition, by choosing a theme with a panel with customization options, you save time by making changes in the CSS style sheet.

The perfect theme should have easy to use WordPress customizer. Basically the WordPress customizer is the basic place to change theme design and look.

Many publishers offering these issues are visual. All the changes we are making now, and we can see more accurately decide what colour, typography, and other aspects of the site they want to change.

If you can also access the customization options by demonstrating the theme, do not hesitate to try it and see if it’s as simple to use as the topic’s author indicates.

Basically I am using WordPress customizer to keep my site more attractive. Everyone can use this simple customizer to make your site more attractive. No need to hire web developer to make these changes. So the you have to select WordPress theme with good and easy to use customizer.

6. Security

Before Theme selection give priority for its security

Many factors can affect the security of a site as hosting, plugins, and password security.
Sure, the code issue also has to do with issues related to security in general.

However, how to check if a topic is safe? For markets issues, it is important to check the comments, if any, or several complaints related to safety.

It is also important to verify not only comments but the number of downloads. Usually, many downloads indicate a popular subject, but the comments verified whether or not the subject has met expectations.

Final Words

This strategy works only on comments on issues markets show all comments, both positive and negative. If you decide to buy directly from the developer, then there is a risk that you run.

Furthermore, in many markets, buyers can not only comment but also give a rating based developer who bought the issue. It is another point to consider when choosing what you buy the best WordPress theme for your site. Frequently changing themes is not a good idea. It will not give a good experience to your visitors. Users will often feel bad experiences like breaking site design, but your content will not affect.

Choosing WordPress theme selection is not an easy task. You need to check the above every point with your selected WordPress theme.

So, remember the above points and consider in best WordPress theme selection for your blog needs.

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