How to Install WordPress on Bluehost Server within 5 minutes?

Hello bloggers, Today I am going to discuss How to install WordPress on the Bluehost server within 5 minutes. This guide will help you with the WordPress installation process in a step by step manner.

Bluehost is one of the highly reputed Web hosting services since 1996. Recently I have written an article on Why Webmaster choosing Bluehost service is reliable.

How to install wordpress on Bluehost within 5 minutes

This hosts nearly 2.2 million domains on their servers. This is the tenth largest web hosting provider in the world with 22,000 customers joining every day. If you want to join in this service register here now. Then follow this How to Install WordPress on Bluehost tutorial.

After joining this service, you need to start and launch a new blog/website. In this tutorial, I am explaining How to install WordPress on Bluehost (world top most user-friendly CMS WordPress) web hosting because more bloggers/webmasters are using WordPress to Build, WordPress is powerful, which have tons of plugins, easy to expand functionality and are very easy to install and use.

Bluehost providing a simple key to install the latest version of WordPress with a few clicks from a simple script page. There is an option in cPanel to install WordPress on Bluehost web hosting. That is the Quick Install feature.

The Bluehost is giving one free domain name with their hosting package plans. Check your new domain name availability at the time of registration time.

The hosting offers standard cPanel hosting, Fantastico is the default tool to install WordPress (this is a one-click setup) or you can use How to Manually Install WordPress. This is Bluehost One Click Install is a very useful option to install WordPress on Bluehost. In this process, the Bluehost mojo marketplace is more helpful and useful.

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost Web Hosting?

1. Log into your Hosting control panel then go to WebSite Builder tab > WordPress.

Click on WordPress icon on hosting cPanel

2. Now click on Install under the “Install WordPress” option.

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost servers

3. Now choose the added domain name from the pop-up menu. Select the correct domain name. Then click on Check Domain.

Add the Domain Name in WordPress cPanel

4. After that write Site name or Title, Admin Username, Admin Password in the given boxes. Then put the check mark in “I have read the Terms and Conditions” box. Then click on Install Now. Now Installation will start. Within few seconds, your installation will be complete.

How to Install WP

5. Finally log-in to your newly installed WordPress blog with their username and passwords. The URL looks like this

your (replace your domain with your installed domain name)

Now your new WordPress blog needs to log in and opens in a new tab with this URL. wp-admin/ Just replace the “your domain” with your blog URL name.

There are basic steps to install WordPress on Bluehost servers. This Bluehost WordPress tutorial is very helpful to get the WordPress platform to start your blog for your business.

What next after Installing WP on Bluehost?

bluehost wordpress hosting

If you are using any popular web hosting services, once installed WordPress, few things must follow. I am linking to my other guides, which helps to improve the functionality and beginners should follow:


The Bluehost is one of the largest hosting company started in 1996. The hosting is reliable, secure, and good customer support. After register a new account, this tutorial How to install WordPress on the Bluehost web server. Just follow the tutorial to complete the WordPress installation on hosting.

If you are having any problems in installation, do not hesitate ad use the comment box below to drop your queries. I will help you to solve the problem.

If this tutorial is helpful, please share this with your friends through social media by using the Social icons. Happy Blogging.

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