Theme Junkie Review: Great themes at your Regular budget

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Theme Junkie is the best theme store for WordPress themes. The caption of the blog will be that they make and collect the best WordPress themes.

You can choose any one of the themes regardless of whether you are a blogger, a businessman or a freelancer, or anyone. The theme you select will be best for all your collections.

They have now got 60+ premium themes that will help you with your blog.

You can start with one of those themes which are so affordable. Read this theme junkie review before choosing the package.

If you are a starter and thinking of the best WordPress theme for your site for low costs, then you are in the right place.

Here you will get excellent optimized themes for your new blog with fewer costs.

Many good themes compete with other providers and stand first. The themes like Channel, FreshLife are prevalent.

Theme Junkies Alternatives

When we talk about this theme, it is also essential to know about the other theme providers. In the market of themes, nowadays, many theme providers provide themes with the best customization.

The theme providers like MyThemeShop, ThemeForest, Elegant Themes, Happy themes, and StudioPress themes also provide the themes for WordPress blogs. Many of them provide paid themes, as well as some themes provide free themes. Here theme junkie is also providing Free themes to attract customers via the WordPress themes directory. You can check the Theme junkie free themes here.

Then why Theme Junkie

It is always an awaiting question, that “why should we choose this Theme Junkie when there are many other theme providers with many themes?” The answer is that they provide themes that are much beautiful and best-optimized. The themes in Theme Junkie come with incredible designs that you will find very pleasing to your website.

You have got much more than that in your Theme Junkie store. The themes they provide are perfectly optimized for a proper backend program for your website that you will not get into any trouble while using the particular theme.

They have a good support team that will help you with the theme coding and installation of the theme to your website.

Including that, you have also got a membership plan by which you can get more benefits. For example, there will be more discounts for all the themes you purchase in your lifetime. In addition, if you purchase a membership, you will get lifetime free customer support too.

ThemeJunkie themes Pricing

When I was first going through the themes of Theme Junkie, I thought these themes are for high professional blogs with income to afford these beautiful themes. But later, when I saw the pricing of each theme, I was amazed.

Every theme comes at just $19 or around. That was very amazing. If you look at the themes in Theme Junkie, you will be amazed to see the prices of each theme which are little cost.

Theme-junkie themes plans and pricing

Support from Theme Junkie

The Theme Junkie provides very good customer support for theme installations and modifications of themes in the dashboard. So they have good support for its customers along with that, they also give suggestions for non-Theme Junkie users.

Theme Junkie also runs some forums. Professionals run those, and they give information regarding any other thing other than theme support. In addition, they give ideas for WordPress and also affiliate marketing for the bloggers through forums.

Free updates

Here comes the amazing feature of the Theme Junkie review. It is that you get a lifetime update for every theme you buy in the Theme Junkie.

In some themes, there will be no updates found after launching it into the public. But many will give updates to the themes so that they can run best with better optimization. But for every new update, we need to buy the theme, which costs us many useless bucks.

But in Theme Junkie, the updates are fully free for a lifetime; every theme that has got updated will be updated in your control panel.

Theme Junkie Review: At a Glance

Here we have got the best WordPress theme provider to find many WordPress themes with great designs.

Theme Junkie is best meant for WordPress themes. You can find all the types of WordPress themes with all the functionalities and features.

When coming to Theme Junkie themes, they will be more professional with decidedly fewer costs. The costs compared to the quality are very less for the themes of Theme Junkie.

If you are looking for budget-friendly themes for your beginner blog, then you are at the right place. You can buy many themes with the Theme Junkie membership.

They have got a user-friendly panel for new users as well as returning customers. They have also got the best customer support team to clarify all your doubts regarding the theme installation and optimization.

The only thing is that customer support is only available for the players. However, you can use the forums for more information regarding the theme suggestions if you are not a member of theme junkie. It needs a simple registration with your mail.

Most of all, the best feature is that you can use the theme you have purchased for all the websites you own.

Popular WordPress Blog themes from Theme Junkie.

In the Theme junkie review, I picked a few best themes among the 60+ premium WordPress themes. Before mentioned here, I used it personally on my other blogs. They are simply responsive, easy to configure, and attractive.

Silver theme


Silver WordPress theme is one of the Blog themes from the Theme junkie theme store. It is a beautiful, trendy theme. The themes have good coding that makes to build a style-conscious portfolio, blog, or website.

The theme gives you a great look at your content like photos, illustrations, or articles, whatever it may be. Everything is integrating with powerful social media.


  • Responsive design
  • Stylish slider
  • Attractive social widgets
  • Fully optimized for Advertisements like banner ads and Adsense

Fashion Chic


Fashion chic WordPress theme is suitable for lifestyle and fashion blogs. This theme is fully customizable, and you can remodify the theme according to your needs in your next blog project.


  • Regular updates
  • Responsive design
  • The one-click demo import feature
  • Optimized for Ads
  • Powerful slider integrated
  • Good social sharing features

Beginner Theme


Beginner is an all-time great theme for new and established blogs. It has a clean and light design and perfect for bloggers who want their content to stand out on the page. In addition, it has so many powerful features to get a great look and feel to your blog.

Before writing this theme junkie review, I used this theme in my one of a niche blog. The results are amazing.

The unique feature is Coupon functionality integrated within the theme. This feature is beneficial to use affiliate marketing to monetize your blog.


  • Coupon publishing tools: it helps to share the best deals on your blog
  • Newsletter header form: This feature is added below the main menu bar. This way helps you to increase your email subscriber list.
  • Five different color skins are added.
  • Regular updates
  • Responsive design
  • Easy customization feature
  • Good social sharing features
  • Customizable Menu, fonts, logo, and colors

PostBoard Theme


Pinboard WordPress theme is very good to share your creative content. These have a lot of features to make your blog an amazing look.

The link to your favorite articles, share motivational quotes and publish photos of your creative projects. The theme turns your blog into a place where your audience keeps coming back for more ideas and inspiration.


  • Responsive design
  • Regular updates
  • Well featured content slider
  • Mega Menu feature
  • Multiple content layout

Bulan theme


If you are a beginner blogger or an experienced online publisher, the Bulan theme gives you a good look and a great feel for your blog.

The flexible design and balanced customization options give creative freedom without any problem.


  • Responsive design
  • Easy customization
  • The one-click demo import feature
  • Advanced Customization Options and Settings
  • Multiple Homepage Layouts

Posty Theme


Posty is a good choice for Personal online storytellers. The theme gives you the perfect foundation for your content.

You can choose a custom design for your articles. The overall customization options give the same site look, and it matches your personality too.


  • Auto-scrolling slideshow with featured content slider
  • Advanced multiple content layouts
  • Additional customization options and settings
  • Responsive design
  • Regular updates
  • Custom menu, fonts, widgets, logo, and colors

WordPlus Theme


The WordPress theme is suitable for any project. It gives a fresh look and feels every time to the user. If you are searching for an elegant and responsive theme for your tech blog or online magazine, the WordPress theme fulfills your needs all the time. The theme is fully optimized with advertisements at multiple locations.

  • Responsive design
  • Regular updates
  • Easily customizable colors panel, typography to modify the theme look
  • Advanced custom widgets
  • Shortcodes integrated
  • Ads optimized at various locations

Other Blog themes

  • Biancaa WordPress theme    –  Buy Now
  • Leda WordPress theme          –  Buy Now
  • EasyNote WordPress theme  –  Buy Now

e-Commerce Themes

  • StorePro WordPress theme  – Buy Now
  • Shopy WordPress theme       – Buy Now

Pros and Cons of Theme Junkie

Pros and Cons are also part of these theme junkie reviews. The Theme Junkie comes with many advantages, as mentioned below. Although some cons are there for Theme Junkie, there are many advantages available for the Theme Junkie. They are as explained below.


  • It has got very good collections of attractive themes.
  • Usable to many websites.
  • All the themes are suitable for WordPress.
  • Excellent customer support is available.
  • More mobile-friendly themes.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.


  • No support on weekends.
  • Support only available for those who are just paying for the themes.
  • The latest theme updates are not available for new visitors while browsing the themes.

Final words on the Review of Theme Junkie store

What I thought of this theme junkie review is very useful to choose the best WordPress theme at your regular budget with premium quality features. I strongly recommend these themes for my readers and clients personally. What are your ideas and views on this theme junkie theme? Just share here in the comment section below.

Do not forget to share this Theme Junkie review with your blogger friends on social media. Sharing is caring. Happy Blogging.

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